Website Maintenance

WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance

WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance

A well-maintained website will ensure that your website is running at full capacity, has the latest SEO and security updates and is clean of unwanted data and content.

I supply one simple plan that deals with all of your website security, backup and malware solutions. 

details of the website maintenance plan

Monthly backup of the website to the Cloud

All of your website content, database, files and plugins are backed up to a secure offsite location in the Cloud. If anything fails on your website a backup can be used to restore to the historical date of a chosen backup. A backup is also created before all major updates, which may be more than one backup a month.

Five backups kept on cloud storage for any restoration needed for your website.

WordPress Core Update

WordPress is constantly evolving with new features and security updates being added. Updating your version of WordPress is vital in keeping your site healthy and up to date with the latest features.

Security & Malware Scan

A malware scan will check your website for malware, spam injections, website errors, database connection issues and code anomalies. If surfaced you will be notified.

Base SEO Analysis

View monthly Google analytics data for your WordPress sites with simple-to-understand graphs.

Base and Premium Plugin updates

The plugins that run on your website are constantly getting new features and with each update of the WordPress Core software, they need to change to keep up. Updating your base plugins will help to keep your site functioning correctly.

If your website was created by Dave Ryan Media, all premium paid-for plugins will be updated.

Uptime report

Reports on the percentage of time your website has been online.

Vulnerability checks

Connection to a database of global vulnerable software and checks the installed plugins, theme and WordPress core against the list.

Database Optimisation

Running optimisation on your database to clean up unrequired data from spam comments, auto-draft posts and optimising the database tables. This enables your database to remove all of the unwanted data that slows it down.

Security and firewall

Daily checks for external attacks and block any suspicious user IPs. (reports can be supplied)

Monthly Email Report

Each month you will receive a report on your website, the updates that have been made as well as the Base SEO Analysis.


All of the above for €80 a month on a 12 month contract.

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