Puck Fair 2023

Event photography
Killorglin, Co. Kerry

As the official photographer for Puck Fair 2023, Dave Ryan Media once again had the privilege of immersing in and capturing the essence of Ireland’s oldest festival. This year’s celebration was a vibrant fusion of tradition, community spirit, and storytelling, encapsulated through the lens of my camera over the three-day extravaganza. My mission was to document the myriad of events and shows, and to bring the festival’s unique atmosphere to a global audience via timely updates on social media.

Among the standout narratives from this year’s fair was the poignant story of Gypsy Kathleen and her family. Spanning four generations, Kathleen, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren provided a living testament to the fair’s enduring legacy. As a fortune teller, Kathleen’s presence at Puck Fair has become emblematic of the festival’s rich cultural tapestry. Capturing this familial gathering was a deep dive into the heritage and collective memory of Puck Fair, revealing the personal stories that underpin the festival’s communal celebrations.

The photographs taken during Puck Fair 2023 offer a window into the festival’s soul, often within hours of their capture. This approach not only preserved the immediacy of the fair’s experiences but also highlighted the personal connections and traditions that define Puck Fair.

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